Prep. Pop Quiz No.19

181.__________ the way, what will you do this afternoon?

  1. A) By
  2. B) On
  3. C) To
  4. D) In
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[A] By the way, what will you do this afternoon?

182.I'm here __________ my brother.

  1. A) on
  2. B) with
  3. C) to
  4. D) for
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[B] I'm here with my brother.

183.I'm a guide. I take people __________ tours __________ Canada.

  1. A) on, at
  2. B) with, to
  3. C) for, to
  4. D) on, to
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[D] I'm a guide. I take people on tours to Canada.

184.Oh, that's __________ sale. It's only $50.

  1. A) at
  2. B) on
  3. C) with
  4. D) under
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[B] Oh, that's on sale. It's only $50.

185.There is a jazz concert __________ the Blue Note __________ Friday.

  1. A) in, on
  2. B) in, at
  3. C) at, for
  4. D) at, on
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[D] There is a jazz concert at the Blue Note on Friday.

186.What grade is your son __________?

  1. A) in
  2. B) on
  3. C) at
  4. D) of
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[A] What grade is your son in?

187.It's supposed __________ be very good.

  1. A) for
  2. B) to
  3. C) at
  4. D) in
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[B] It's supposed to be very good.

188.They beat the other team __________ their last game.

  1. A) about
  2. B) for
  3. C) in
  4. D) on
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[C] They beat the other team in their last game.

189.It's __________ a good area __________ kid

  1. A) in, for
  2. B) in, of
  3. C) in, to
  4. D) for, for
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[A] It's in a good area for kids.

190.  Who cleaned __________ around the house?

  1. A) in
  2. B) of
  3. C) on
  4. D) up
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[D] Who cleaned up around the house?